Lufthansa arrivals London Heathrow Airport (LHR)

Lufthansa London LHR airport arrivals allow to check status of Lufthansa flight arrivals at London Heathrow Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Current local time at London airport is 00:15 AM 2023-06-08

Flight Scheduled Arrival Origin Status
LH9259 05:55 (IAD) Dulles, United States In Air
LH9267 10:40 (IAD) Dulles, United States Scheduled
LH6839 06:30 (YUL) Montreal, Canada Departed
LH6837 09:35 (YUL) Montreal, Canada Scheduled
LH7628 10:10 (EWR) Newark, United States Scheduled
LH7630 11:05 (EWR) Newark, United States Scheduled
LH7632 08:20 (EWR) Newark, United States Scheduled
LH7768 06:20 (EWR) Newark, United States In Air
LH7624 09:20 (EWR) Newark, United States Scheduled
LH7620 11:35 (IAH) Houston, United States Scheduled
LH7622 07:40 (IAH) Houston, United States In Air
LH5338 14:10 (HAM) Hamburg, Germany Scheduled On time
LH9343 11:45 (LAX) Los Angeles, United States Scheduled
LH7903 12:20 (DEN) Denver, United States Scheduled
LH7772 09:40 (DEN) Denver, United States Scheduled
LH6559 11:50 (YYZ) Toronto, Canada Delayed
LH6585 08:35 (YYZ) Toronto, Canada Delayed
LH6583 10:00 (YYZ) Toronto, Canada Scheduled
LH6589 06:35 (YYZ) Toronto, Canada Scheduled
LH8573 10:25 (SFO) San Francisco, United States Scheduled
LH9379 14:10 (SFO) San Francisco, United States Scheduled
LH5330 16:25 (DUS) Dusseldorf, Germany Scheduled
LH5332 11:30 (DUS) Dusseldorf, Germany Scheduled
LH5334 07:25 (DUS) Dusseldorf, Germany Scheduled
LH6841 13:20 (YVR) Vancouver, Canada Scheduled
LH9355 11:25 (ORD) Chicago, United States Scheduled
LH9349 08:30 (ORD) Chicago, United States Scheduled
LH7899 10:35 (BOS) Boston, United States Cancelled
LH5336 18:45 (HAM) Hamburg, Germany Arrived
LH6847 11:50 (YYC) Calgary, Canada Scheduled
LH5328 18:50 (DUS) Dusseldorf, Germany Arrived
LH916 17:40 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany Arrived On time
LH9227 20:55 (IAD) Dulles, United States Arrived
LH6835 21:00 (YHZ) Halifax, Canada Arrived
LH2484 22:40 (MUC) Munich, Germany In Air
LH914 16:40 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany Arrived On time
LH7818 20:40 (EWR) Newark, United States Arrived On time
LH908 14:40 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany Landed 14:29
LH920 20:40 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany Arrived
LH2470 08:15 (MUC) Munich, Germany Arrived On time
LH9336 07:25 (LAX) Los Angeles, United States Departed
LH2478 17:05 (MUC) Munich, Germany Arrived On time
LH9375 06:55 (SFO) San Francisco, United States Departed
LH910 15:40 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany Arrived Delayed by 15m
LH9649 15:35 (BOG) Bogota, Colombia Scheduled
LH2480 19:40 (MUC) Munich, Germany In Air
LH918 18:40 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany Arrived
LH2486 18:25 (MUC) Munich, Germany Arrived
LH900 08:40 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany Arrived On time
LH904 10:40 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany Arrived On time
LH906 12:40 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany Arrived Delayed by 23m
LH2474 12:50 (MUC) Munich, Germany Arrived
LH5340 08:05 (HAM) Hamburg, Germany Arrived
LH902 09:40 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany Arrived
LH2472 09:55 (MUC) Munich, Germany In Air
LH924 07:40 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany Arrived
LH922 22:10 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany In Air
LH2482 20:45 (MUC) Munich, Germany Landed 20:54
LH2476 15:45 (MUC) Munich, Germany Arrived On time
LH7626 07:10 (EWR) Newark, United States In Air
LH9357 06:45 (ORD) Chicago, United States In Air
LH8358 09:50 (FRA) Frankfurt, Germany Scheduled
LH5594 10:05 (BRU) Brussels, Belgium Scheduled